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Real Life Experiences with ToughFinish

"Where I've used ToughFinish, the paint lasts easily 5 years longer. In two cases, the wood on a swing and on the manure spreader rotted before the paint released. I usually buy cheap paint and mix it in, it really works. It gave my paint a better bond and became a stronger finish. I also noticed that it lasts longer on metal. I used it when I painted the aluminum siding on my house. Great product!" Mr. Burmeister, MI

"I want you to know that I'm endorsing this product based on my personal experience. I'm a Mom and summers can be very busy. I don't have time to waste by repainting more than I want. ToughFinish was easy to use and mix. The paint treated with it applied nicely on my house, and held up nearly twice as long as I thought it would. The paint on my house right now is holding well. I am repainting my house this year, not because it needs it, but I'm getting tired of the color. I told my husband no way no how are we going to paint without ToughFinish! I want my paint to last long. ToughFinish is a time saver!" Ms. J. Gnifkowski, MN

The ToughFinish Story

Just after buying our older home, my wife began the thrilling process of deciding what color to paint it. By the way, the outside of the house, bus barn, garage and storage shed really needed a total paint over, top-to-bottom. Because it was nearly Fall, we made a joint decision to tackle this huge project at the first signs of nice weather, next year. In Minnesota, that ís right around May. Also I was dreading the thought of all the painting, scraping and preparation. We watched for a paint sale and even with that, we spent almost $500 of our hard earned money on paint, primer and supplies. WOW, this figure doesn't even include any labor costs.

Folks, this ToughFinish treatment really works. I live in Browns Valley, Minnesota, and since Minnesota is known for wide temperature ranges, and harsh weather changes, you can see paint start the early signs of peeling as soon as 4 years after a home is painted. For example our neighbors, Cindy and Bob, painted their home the same year we did. In our community they're known to always purchase the best money can buy. Their home's wood siding is identical to ours; but in just 5 short years, you could easily see the paint starting to peel all the way from the highway. Last summer they were forced to repaint the lower half of their home. This summer they will need to tackle the top half of the house, which they are not looking forward to at all.

How about us? Well I can report we had much better success than Cindy and Bob. The paint we applied on the garage and house was treated with ToughFinish. Look at this close up of the house (second last picture on the bottom of this page). My brother almost couldn't believe it himself. Over eight years and it's still holding strong with almost no signs of letting go. Let me tell you what really took my brother's breath away. Look at this ugly wood storage shed (last picture on the bottom of this page). Yes, sad to say, it is ours. We painted it the same year as our house. Why does this shed look so bad and unsightly? It's this simple, we didn't treat the paint that covered the shed with ToughFinish.

Here's another shocker. Look at the paint peeling in this picture on the south side of our bus barn (picture to the right) We coated the complete bus barn, all four sides, with a good quality coat of primer before we painted it. Seriously! And what's really sad is that we also covered the total bus barn with two coats of expensive regular paint that wasn't treated with ToughFinish. It's disappointing to see all your work deteriorating so quickly, right in front of your eyes.

Take a close, hard, serious look at this picture of our house. Both the wood siding (second to the last picture) and the concrete base (picture to the right) looks nearly flawless. Wow! It really makes a person feel good knowing that using something as simple as ToughFinish can make such a big difference in appearance and durability. Plus it's inexpensive, the price tag to treat a gallon of paint is only $1.78. It's amazing to see what difference ToughFinish can make when you take a look at the buildings. As you know, when your paint job lasts longer, that means you're painting less often. This causes us to win back more of our time to enjoy what matters most, instead of dreading the idea of painting every 5 to 6 years.

Now, you may ask why didn't we paint all our buildings with ToughFinish? That's a good question. It's this simple, I procrastinated in getting the ToughFinish and my wife clearly made it known that we were going to begin painting by the end of May. We completely had the shed and bus barn painted before we had ToughFinish in our hands. You can see first hand the consequences of procrastinating. Don't make the same mistake I made and paint or stain anything without ToughFinish. It's just not worth the hassle, heartache and all the time wasted years down the road.

My brother was so amazed at the durability of ToughFinish that he nearly begged us to share this 35-year-old secret with other people like yourselves. Let me backtrack a second and share with you how we came to discover this exciting product. I have a chemistry degree from St. Cloud State University. (No, I am not one of those chemists that wear white coats.)

In 1993 we were working on a product called PetroPal that grabs leaking, dripping oil from vehicles. I was visiting with a good chemist friend of mind, Ed, and he was explaining to me a powerful special resin that could help us develop a stronger PetroPal. And what's really funny is that we got side tracked and started to talk about all the painting we both had to do the next two summers. Ed was frustrated with how short regular paint truly lasts. Then, out-of-the-blue, it dawned on us, why don't we mix this incredible clear resin to our house paint. In fact, it made complete sense knowing that this resin has been used since the late sixties to strengthen finishes applied in commercial settings.

Well, since 1994 I've been recommending this little known secret to some of my good friends. Then, finally after seeing first hand what a huge difference ToughFinish can make with regular paint, it dawned on me that other people hate wasting their time repainting every 5 to 6 years like I did. This is when we began telling the story of this phenomenal product and helping people win back more of their time.

We really wanted to be able to help everyone that we could, as quickly as possible. That's why it was so important for us to develop a friendly website. At the same time, we want to give you a guarantee second to none. I insist that you order ToughFinish entirely at our risk. That's why this incredible product comes with a Risk-Free, Lifetime 110% Money-Back Guarantee. There's absolutely NO RISK on your part.

So, go ahead and order this 35-year-old secret today. Paint with it, stain with it or mix it with polyurethane or varnish. Put it to your test and if your paint, stain or polyurethane finish doesn't last up to two times longer - you can return the empty container for an immediate 110% refund of your purchase price.

Well, that's the story behind Toughfinish. Toughfinish allows your paint to last up to twice as long, so you paint half as often. You have no risk ordering ToughFinish, and the best news of all is that you'll be winning back more of your time.

Developer and Happy Customer
Jeff Backer, Jr.