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ToughFinish is formulated to fight against this type of peeling and cracking. Eight years ago this building was primed and painted with 2 coats of quality paint. Unfortunately the paint and primer was NOT treated with ToughFinish.

How Does ToughFinish Work?

Only ToughFinish contains the key resin formulation that gives all water-based paints, stains, polyurethane and other water-based coatings the bond to grab stronger to wood, metal and even previously painted surfaces better than any regular paint, stain or polyurethane on the market. That's why we offer a 110% Money Back Guarantee.

When mixed, ToughFinish provides powerful protection against cracking, flaking, chalking, fading, and peeling. Our ToughFinish technology creates a paint film so strong, it shrugs off cracks while providing a mildew resistant coating and keeps paint looking like you've just-painted. Plus, there is no need to use primer or two coats of paint like you have to with regular paint not treated with ToughFinish.

ToughFinish commands your paint, stain, clear coat and other products to last longer in two unique ways:

(1) It directs liquids to grab stronger to the surface it is being applied to, much like adhesive.

(2) With great power it crosslinks the liquid molecules together to give you an iron coating of paint.

What this means is that your paint, stain and clear coat will last twice as long so you apply half as often. Less painting means more time to enjoy the things that are most important to you and your family. ToughFinish allows you to take control of painting and staining, instead of these boring activities controlling your time.

JUST THINK - instead of painting your house every 4 to 5 years, for as little as $1.78 for each gallon of paint, you rid yourself of the constant hassle of painting.

Think of ToughFinish acting as an iron claw for your regular paint, stain and clear coat. This easy-to-use commercial grade additive gives liquids the needed ingredient to fight the harsh, destructive elements of Mother Nature that are constantly attempting to pull paint and stain away from the surface.

Paint, stain and clear coat liquids treated with ToughFinish are capable of expanding ­ so they stand up to extreme temperature changes far better than conventional paint, stain and clear coat not treated. ToughFinish is FDA approved for certain applications - produces no major fumes, needs no paint thinner or other harsh oil products. For the best application of paints, stains and clear coats treated with ToughFinish we strongly encourage that you mix with a surfactant. The best surfactant (wetting agent) available is EasyCoat-100 or you could also use a clear liquid dishwashing soap that you can get from any grocery store.


Economical: For as little as $1.78 you can nearly double the life of a gallon of paint, or $2.99 for a gallon of stain, polyurethane and clear coat.

Wide Compatibility: Excellent for all water-based paint, stain, polyurethane, clear coats and other coating products that you want to have a smooth and stronger bonding finish.

Solvent-Free: No harsh paint thinners or solvents.

Extensive solubility: ToughFinish easily mixes with other liquids.

Excellent stability: The ToughFinish liquid itself is very stable, even under fire exposure conditions.

Excellent hardness: Once dried, the crosslinking action develops a strong and sturdy coating that lasts up to twice as long as regular paints, stains, and clear coats that are not treated with ToughFinish.

Enhances flexibility & Expansion: Because ToughFinish is capable of expanding, it stands up to extreme temperature changes far better than conventional paint, stain and clear coats.

Fast Cure Response: It works at the same pace at which the paint dries, giving you a durable finish.

Health and Safety Information

This resin has estimated acute oral (rat) and acute dermal (rabbit) LD50 values of >5000 mg/kg and >2000 mg/kg, respectively; and an estimated 4-hour inhalation (rat) LC50 value of >20 mg/L. D

Direct contact with this material may cause mild eye and minimal skin irritation. This resin contains formaldehyde. Overexposure to formaldehyde vapors may cause irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes.